Micellar Enzymology

Enzymes can be explored and proteins chemistry can be used in a better way and obtain useful information about the processes that include in the physiological systems. Micellar Enzymology’ is  the self-organizing properties containing in the amphiphiles in solution called ‘Reverse Micelles’ which resemble the microenvironment that enzyme has. It consists of amphiphilic surfactant molecules, water as well as non-polar organic solvent compose to from reverse micelles system in which polar heads of the surfactant molecules are projected towards the interior of a water containing sphere, whereas the aliphatic tails are facing towards the non-polar organic phase. It has many applications such as nanoreactor to perform many novelreactions like trans-esterification and separation of valuables and biodegradation of hydrophobic pollutants.

  • Nanogranulated Enzymes
  • Parition Chromatography
  • Bioremediation of phenolic environmental pollutants
  • Protein hydrophilization

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